Businesses of all sizes around the UK are committing to do their bit to cut carbon emissions and protect the planet.

The UK government has partnered with business owners and respected climate groups to help you join them today.

At the bottom of this page are the support programmes, events, and information sources in respect of Net Zero.  Do get in touch with the Growth Hub using the contact form here for further information and support.


How could your business make a difference?

No matter how small your business or what industry you’re in, your commitment could make a real difference – to the planet, to your customers and to your running costs! Even the smallest businesses produce carbon emissions – it could be through your building, your vehicles or your supply chain. We’re asking you to take the first step on your journey, by committing to cutting those carbon emissions in half by 2030 and to reach ‘net zero’ by 2050. Net zero means that you are putting no more carbon into the atmosphere than you are taking out of it.


What happens when you make the commitment?

When you take the first step by making a commitment, we’ll get in touch with tools to help you understand your emissions, how to tackle them, and how to share what you’re doing with your customers and community. And in the following months we’ll keep you up to date with ideas, support and incentives to help you meet your commitment.


Join thousands of businesses and commit today!

2021 is the time. This November the UK government is hosting a major conference in Glasgow where world leaders will get together to commit to urgent action to tackle the climate emergency. It’s called COP26, and all eyes will be on the UK to agree the most ambitious plans to fight climate change the world has ever seen.


And you can be part of it. Become one of thousands of small business climate leaders across the UK this year and commit today.






Grow your business

It can be hard to think as far as 2030 when we’re all building back from coronavirus. But cutting emissions can save your business money and give you a competitive advantage today. By joining us, you can display our logo, attracting the growing number of customers for whom climate change really matters.


Future-proof your business

The UK is changing. For example, by 2030 you won’t be able to buy new petrol and diesel cars and vans in the UK, while zero-emission vehicles could support 40,000 jobs. Getting ahead of other countries like this will create new opportunities here in the UK. Is your business ready?


Be part of the solution

We all want to create a better planet, but it can be hard to know where to start. Through this UN-backed commitment process, you’re joining an international community of thousands of like-minded businesses. As part of this, you will get regular newsletters and information from government to support you through your journey.


Tools and resources database

The SME Climate Hub has partnered with Oxford University to support small businesses in reducing their carbon emissions and to provide climate solutions to contribute to climate action in society. The tools and resources directly help all SMEs take concrete steps towards climate action across multiple pathways. They’re the first step to getting started.

View all tools and resources in the database.



Steps you can take to cut your emissions

Getting greener might look different for every business, but there are steps you can take whether you’re just starting out or further along the road to zero emissions. Here are some ideas to get you started…

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What sector do you operate in?

  • Advanced Engineering, Manufacturing & Construction
  • Creative Digital and IT
  • Education and Training
  • Environmental Technologies and Low Carbon
  • Food & Drink, Horticulture, Agriculture
  • Health and Life Sciences
  • Marine, Aerospace & Defence
  • Professional Business & Financial Services
  • Tourism & Retail
  • Transport & Logistics

What support do you require?

Net Zero - Together for our Planet

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19)
  • Net Zero - Together for our Planet
  • Brexit Transition
  • 1 to 1 Advice & Guidance
  • Better Business for All - Help with regulation
  • Events & Networking
  • Funding & Grants
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  • Information, Videos and other Resources
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  • Investing in Coast to Capital
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  • Membership & Representation
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  • Premises & Facilities
  • Signposting and portals
  • Start Up Support
  • Strategic Organisation or Partnership
  • Supply Chain & Procurement
  • Training, Skills and Recruitment

Where is your business located?

  • Adur
  • Arun
  • Brighton and Hove
  • Chichester
  • Crawley and Gatwick
  • Epsom and Ewell
  • Horsham
  • Mid Sussex
  • Mole Valley
  • Reigate and Banstead
  • Tandridge
  • Worthing
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Support (Organisations)

Carbon Limiting Technologies

Carbon Limiting TechnologiesCloseCarbon Limiting Technologies

Carbon Limiting Technologies works with early stage companies, corporates, investors, and government organisations to support and grow clean technology businesses in the UK and Internationally.

Through practical consultancy, management insight and knowledge of risk capital markets, CLT supports management teams to turn their technologies into profitable businesses, investors evaluate investment opportunities, corporates manage their venture portfolios and public sector bodies to deliver technology and business incubation programmes.

Carbon Trust - SME Carbon Footprint Calculator

Carbon Trust - SME Carbon Footprint CalculatorCloseCarbon Trust - SME Carbon Footprint Calculator

Calculate your organisation's emissions - for small and medium-sized businesses.



Climate@Sussex brings together world leading researchers from the University of Sussex and the Institute for Development Studies (IDS). Our inter-disciplinary research programme informs policy and practice on the transition to a low carbon economy and adaptation to changing climate.

Energy Saving Trust

Energy Saving TrustCloseEnergy Saving Trust

Energy Saving Trust was set up as an independent organisation 25 years ago to help consumers save energy.

Our mission has not changed, although our scope and reach has grown hugely. With the consumer at the heart, we’re continuing our work towards a smart, decarbonised, decentralised energy system.

Our insight of consumers runs deep. With expertise in energy saving behaviour, home renewable energy, transport and local energy programmes, we know how consumers work. We support businesses and organisations and encourage them to build from our insight and our unique reach with consumers.



No matter how insightful or exciting the vision for your enterprise may be, it is only ever the getting there which determines your success.

Greater South East Energy Hub

Greater South East Energy HubCloseGreater South East Energy Hub

The Greater South East Energy Hub is a collaboration of eleven Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs). These LEPs are working together to increase the number, scale and quality of local energy projects being delivered across the greater south east region of England.

Local authorities and Local Enterprise Partnerships have a vital role to play in coordinating, facilitating and delivering the transformation of our energy system. We are working with these partners to support local energy projects, from the development stages to investment readiness.

KTN - Energy

KTN - EnergyCloseKTN - Energy

KTN’s Energy Team is at the centre of KTN’s work contributing to delivering the UK’s ambitious Net Zero targets. With specialists in Nuclear, Offshore Wind, Thermal Energy Systems, Batteries, Water, Hydrogen, Sustainable Energy, Grid and Distributed Systems, Electrical Energy Systems and Solar, the team has deep expertise, powerful connections and a track record of successful projects delivering environmental and societal impact.

LoCASE Grants - Surrey

LoCASE Grants - SurreyCloseLoCASE Grants - Surrey

Grant programmes for businesses in response to climate change

LoCASE provides grants for businesses of up to £10,000 as well as an environmental training scheme and events. Targeted business support is on offer for companies who offer 'green' or low carbon goods and services.

LoCASE Grants - West Sussex and Brighton and Hove

LoCASE Grants - West Sussex and Brighton and HoveCloseLoCASE Grants - West Sussex and Brighton and Hove

The Low Carbon Across the South and East (LoCASE) programme provides businesses with a grant (that doesn’t have to be paid back) of up to £10,000.

LoCASE is delivered for Clean Growth UK members in Sussex through our South East Hub, the University of Brighton’s Green Growth Platform.

NatWest - Green Banking for Businesses

NatWest - Green Banking for BusinessesCloseNatWest - Green Banking for Businesses

Facing the climate challenge

We're here to support your business and your climate goals, as we all make the transition to a low-carbon economy.

RISE Programme: Research and Innovation

RISE Programme: Research and InnovationCloseRISE Programme: Research and Innovation

The RISE project can help your business innovate and grow.

Business innovation is critical for enhancing your productivity and competitiveness. Through the RISE project, the Universities of Brighton and Sussex are offering free business innovation support to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in West Sussex. We’ll help you progress your innovation approach, whether you’re just getting started or already have an idea that you’d like to develop. RISE can help you develop unique collaborations and give you access to cutting edge technologies and approaches.

Surrey Chambers - Climate Change Hub

Surrey Chambers - Climate Change HubCloseSurrey Chambers - Climate Change Hub

An extremely useful range of services and information

UK Business Climate Hub

UK Business Climate HubCloseUK Business Climate Hub

Join thousands of UK Businesses tackling climate change

Businesses of all sizes around the UK are committing to do their bit to cut carbon emissions and protect the planet.
The UK government has partnered with business owners and respected climate groups to help you join them today.

Visit Britain - Make your business sustainable

Visit Britain - Make your business sustainableCloseVisit Britain - Make your business sustainable

Being sustainable not only reduces your impact on the environment, but helps you to improve your customer experience, support your local economy and stand out from your competitors.

Brighton & Hove Energy Services Co-operative

Brighton & Hove Energy Services Co-operativeCloseBrighton & Hove Energy Services Co-operative

A green energy services social enterprise, offering advice on making businesses as energy efficient as possible and project managing the installation of technology to lower a business' carbon footprint.

Clean Growth UK - South East Hub

Clean Growth UK - South East HubCloseClean Growth UK - South East Hub

Clean Growth UK catalyses clean and green innovation through access to university expertise and facilities and commercialisation and investment support.

We’re a one-stop shop for green business growth.

Through our three university hubs, we provide and broker support focused on developing innovations, commercialising ideas, and securing funding for businesses on a mission to protect the planet for future generations.

We offer in-house support, as well as connecting you with innovation and growth support available through other organisations. All of our in-house support is either free or part-funded.

To work with us, you must be a member. Membership is free, and you get access to a suite of downloadable business resources, a regular newsletter highlighting the latest regional green business opportunities and the opportunity to apply for our free and part-funded support.

Carbon Trust

Carbon TrustCloseCarbon Trust

The Carbon Trust is an independent, expert partner of leading organisations around the world, helping them contribute to and benefit from a more sustainable future through carbon reduction, resource efficiency strategies and commercialising low carbon technologies.

The Trust can help your organisation tackle climate change by reducing your carbon emissions and identifying growth and revenue opportunities through resource reduction initiatives, cost-saving strategies and the adoption of resource-efficient technologies.

Connected Energy

Connected EnergyCloseConnected Energy

Cutting edge £31m energy innovation project in West Sussex

Route to Net Zero - Carbon Trust event series

Watch now

Route to Net Zero - Carbon Trust event seriesCloseRoute to Net Zero - Carbon Trust event series

The journey to a net zero future will be a challenging one. To succeed, we'll need to make it together. Join us as we take to the virtual road for a global series of one-day summits focusing on Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the UK.

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