There is a range of support available to those thinking about starting a business or have recently started a business.

Local support is delivered by partners of the Growth Hub principally through the Business Hothouse Programme managed by the University of Chichester.

Links to local and other start up support can be found at the bottom of the page.





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If you’ve ever dreamed of starting your own business, or if your business is still at an early stage, we can provide all the advice and guidance that you need to get that business idea going.


With the University of Chichester, the Princes Trust and EDEAL all offering unique support options you can choose the option that you feel best suited to.


The university is currently running an intensive remote boot camp of six, daily two-hour sessions to build the knowledge you need to successfully start your business.


Day 1: We kick off the boot camp by helping you to define the purpose of your business - primarily how your product or service will meet or solve the needs and wants of your potential customer.


You'll also develop a good Value Proposition statement which will help to communicate exactly what it is that your business does. We'll work with the Business Model Canvas which will help you to find the right business model to successfully deliver your business idea into the marketplace.


Day 2: We start this session by exploring who your customer is through building a customer persona and we'll look at how you can exploit market research through developing a questionnaire.


Plus we'll look at how competitor and market research can help boost and provide shortcuts to your success. We'll also show you where to look for sources of research information.


Day 3: This session will focus on helping you to create your Vision and Mission statements, to ensure that you know exactly what you want your business to achieve and why.


Plus we'll discuss the importance of Pricing and help you to understand why it's the most important aspect of the profit equation. We'll then help you to decide what pricing strategy is most effective for your business.


Day 4: Financials: sales and cash flow forecasting, fixed and variable costs plus we'll help you to calculate your breakeven and your profit and loss account.


We'll progress to helping you to understand credit control, record keeping and sources of finance - including business grant funding. We'll also ensure that you understand the legal obligations of Income Tax, National Insurance, VAT and Corporation Tax.


Day 5: This session begins with showing you the pros and cons of Limited Companies, operating on Partnership basis, or as a Sole Trader.

We'll discuss how you can protect your Intellectual Properties, such as your business name or idea. We'll cover all of the legal stuff you need to know including contracts and insurance.


Day 6: The final day of the boot camp focuses on Marketing and how to use it to promote your business. We'll then build a plan for your first 30 days in business, helping you to understand the process of selling, of building rapport with customers, to handling objections and then closing the sale.


You can book your free place on our How to Start a Start-up boot camp via our Eventbrite page.




The Collaborate2Create & Innovate program is designed by the Princes Trust to support 18 – 30 year-olds who want to learn how to start a business or to become self-employed.


This program has four stages:


Stage 1: Info Sessions

The program kicks off with a free information session in local areas where you’ll learn how the Princes Trust will support you and if you're still keen, they’ll invite you onto their four-day interactive workshop


Stage 2: Workshop

Over four days you'll get to meet like-minded people. You'll also have the chance to tap into a business adviser, covering everything from business planning and marketing to sales, budgeting and tax.


Stage 3: Build your business

After the workshop it's time to start building your business and you’ll be provided with a mentor to support you as you plan and test your ideas. You'll even have the opportunity to apply for funding.


Stage 4: Launch

Before launch, you'll present your business plan to the Business Launch Group. Their job is to ensure that your idea is viable and sustainable. Don’t worry, there are no dragons here. It’s designed to be a positive experience – and to ensure that there are no weak points in your plan. There’s also additional start-up finance support if you need it.


You can book your place on The Prince’s Trust workshops by telephoning 0800 842 842.


If you want to grow your start-up to the next level then take advantage of the Business Hot House support that can make this happen:


The National Business Support Helpline


The National Business Support Helpline offers advice and guidance to new and existing businesses. It has information on national and local schemes, grants and loans to help businesses start and grow.


And, if you need more in-depth advice, a team of specialist advisors can assist with more complex business issues. You receive a telephone appointment time convenient for you and get up to 60 minutes of free, expert advice.


You can contact the government's Business Support Helpline for free advice.


Business Support Helpline


Telephone: 0800 998 1098


Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm

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What sector do you operate in?

  • Advanced Engineering, Manufacturing & Construction
  • Creative Digital and IT
  • Education and Training
  • Environmental Technologies and Low Carbon
  • Food & Drink, Horticulture, Agriculture
  • Health and Life Sciences
  • Marine, Aerospace & Defence
  • Professional Business & Financial Services
  • Tourism & Retail
  • Transport & Logistics

What support do you require?

Start Up Support

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19)
  • Net Zero - Together for our Planet
  • Brexit Transition
  • 1 to 1 Advice & Guidance
  • Better Business for All - Help with regulation
  • Events & Networking
  • Funding & Grants
  • Export and import
  • Information, Videos and other Resources
  • Innovation and High Growth
  • Investing in Coast to Capital
  • Management and Leadership
  • Membership & Representation
  • Peer to Peer
  • Premises & Facilities
  • Signposting and portals
  • Start Up Support
  • Strategic Organisation or Partnership
  • Supply Chain & Procurement
  • Training, Skills and Recruitment

Where is your business located?

  • Adur
  • Arun
  • Brighton and Hove
  • Chichester
  • Crawley and Gatwick
  • Epsom and Ewell
  • Horsham
  • Mid Sussex
  • Mole Valley
  • Reigate and Banstead
  • Tandridge
  • Worthing
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Support (Organisations)

Barclays Eagle Labs

Barclays Eagle LabsCloseBarclays Eagle Labs

Barclays is investing in the future of Brighton by supporting entrepreneurs and ambitious businesses and helping them to innovate and scale.

Specialising in the creative industry with onsite Industry 4.0 expertise, our Brighton Lab is helping the local economy to grow.

Better Business for All - Sussex

Better Business for All - SussexCloseBetter Business for All - Sussex

A Better Business for All (BBfA) programme has been developed in East and West Sussex to help businesses easily access support from regulators.



No matter how insightful or exciting the vision for your enterprise may be, it is only ever the getting there which determines your success.

The Business Hothouse - How To Start A Start-up

The Business Hothouse - How To Start A Start-upCloseThe Business Hothouse - How To Start A Start-up

If you've ever dreamed of starting your own business, or if your business is still at an early stage, we can provide all the advice and guidance that you need to get that business idea going.

Start-up Business Loans

Start-up Business LoansCloseStart-up Business Loans

Loans go up in £500 increments, with a typical loan around £2,500 but can be higher.

Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce

Brighton & Hove Chamber of CommerceCloseBrighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber is the voice of Brighton & Hove's business people. It's a voice that helps its members build successful businesses and be part of this great city's community and economy.

Surrey Chambers of Commerce

Surrey Chambers of CommerceCloseSurrey Chambers of Commerce

Surrey is one of the most successful and productive areas for business in the UK. It's a county that embraces innovation and is a fantastic location to run a business.

Sussex Chamber of Commerce

Sussex Chamber of Commerce CloseSussex Chamber of Commerce

Sussex Chamber of Commerce is one of only 52 Chambers in the UK to be accredited by the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC).

The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) was established 150 years ago in 1860 and is the national body for a powerful and influential Network of Accredited Chambers of Commerce across the UK - a network that directly serves not only its member businesses but the wider business community.

Accredited Chambers of Commerce exist to make a difference to your business, through ensuring your views are heard within Government, opening new business opportunities in local, national and international markets, or providing critical business advice, services and skills development. High on the BCC's agenda is helping British business thrive, so the BCC works with Government to shape policy affecting businesses. It also focuses on key areas of activity including International Trade, Skills Development and Business Services.

Accountant Directory

Accountant DirectoryCloseAccountant Directory

Accountant Directory is a recently launched website which aims to provide the public with access to professional support and all of the information they need to make smart financial choices. As well as providing a hub of industry information and news - our nationwide directory enables you to find someone whose professionalism has been verified in accordance with our policy.

Chichester Chamber of Commerce

Chichester Chamber of CommerceCloseChichester Chamber of Commerce

Chichester Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) liaises with the District Council and other partnerships on behalf of businesses in and around the City, to ensure the continued economic prosperity of the area.

Crawley & Gatwick Chamber of Commerce

Crawley & Gatwick Chamber of CommerceCloseCrawley & Gatwick Chamber of Commerce

Crawley & Gatwick Chamber of Commerce is a vibrant and active part of the local business and community environment. Crawley is ideally placed in an ever expanding regional business hub for commerce, leisure and development.

Dorking and District Chamber of Commerce

Dorking and District Chamber of CommerceCloseDorking and District Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber facilitates business networking and also works closely with other organisations. This includes Mole Valley District Council, the Town Centre Manager, the Town Forum, local community groups, and the local Press, to improve Dorking as a proposition for people to come to work, shop, visit and do business.

Enterprise Nation

Enterprise NationCloseEnterprise Nation

Business support for the price of two cups of coffee

Business owners have often asked us why business support can't be delivered on the same basis as cloud software and subscription movies; paid for on a monthly basis and accessed 24/7.

We've listened and acted.

You can now tap into modern business support from Enterprise Nation for only £4 per month.

Gatwick Diamond Business Association

Gatwick Diamond Business AssociationCloseGatwick Diamond Business Association

Established for over 50 years, Gatwick Diamond Business has been the leading voice for business and commerce in the region. Representing business, we provide a united voice to influence Local and Central Government issues. gdb is run by the members for the members. It is also financially and politically independent.

ICAEW Business Advice Service

ICAEW Business Advice ServiceCloseICAEW Business Advice Service

The ICAEW Business Advice Service (BAS) provides professional advice for owner-run businesses, startups and SMEs.

we enable businesses to receive an initial consultation at no charge from an ICAEW Chartered Accountant.

Start Up Donut

Start Up DonutCloseStart Up Donut

The Donut websites are aimed at helping businesses to succeed by providing reliable information and resources that can save business owners time and money.

The Happy Start-Up School

The Happy Start-Up SchoolCloseThe Happy Start-Up School

We run transformational programs and events for founders, leaders and teams from 1 day workshops to 3 month programs. Get in touch if you have any questions about any of the things we do or if you'd like to invite us in to speak or help bring your ideas to life.

Worthing & Adur Chamber of Commerce

Worthing & Adur Chamber of CommerceCloseWorthing & Adur Chamber of Commerce

Actively representing the business community on local, regional and strategic levels ensuring your voice is heard, Worthing and Adur Chamber is committed to supporting, developing and promoting all Worthing and Adur businesses large & small.

It is a vibrant and fast growing chamber encouraging businesses to work together for mutual success
Inspiring our young entrepreneurs to be the voice of tomorrow.

Find your local authority

Find your local authority CloseFind your local authority

Find the website for your local council

Your local authority can assist with a range of services including:

Business and licensing
Business rates
Health and safety
Licences and registrations
Refuse and recycling
Advice for businesses
Grants and funding
Travel and transport

The team are here to help. Please use the contact form, leave a voicemail message on 01293 305965 or send an email to with your name, contact details, postcode and support request.

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