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Coast to Capital Growth Hub provides Business Support in West Sussex, East Surrey, Croydon and Greater Brighton

Internationally connected. Regionally focused. Locally invested

  • Free and impartial government-funded service
  • Supporting ambitious, innovative, high-growth businesses
  • Encouraging and enabling you to work smarter and more strategically
  • Working with you to broker change and have a positive impact on your business
  • Connecting you to experts, investors and funders
  • Signposting you to national and international opportunities 


Coast to Capital -


We are the Coast to Capital Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) covering West Sussex, East Surrey, Croydon and Greater Brighton. 


There are 38 LEPs across England. They are local business led partnerships between local authorities and businesses and play a central role in determining local economic priorities and undertaking activities to drive economic growth and the creation of local jobs.


In the six years since Coast to Capital was formed, we have successfully invested more than £300 million of public money in local infrastructure, and generated a significant return in the growth of the local economy. Now, our focus is to identify further, major investments that can address the economic challenges we face and lay the foundations for future prosperity. 


Strategic Economic Plan and Local Industrial Strategy


Like all Local Enterprise Partnerships we produced a Strategic Economic Plan for our area which shapes our vision and our priorities. This is part of an overall picture of UK economic planning which includes Government’s own Industrial Strategy and local economic plans produced by Local Authorities. Currently we are working with stakeholders to produce a Local Industrial Strategy. Once complete, this will form a strategic agreement with Government as to how our area can best contribute to UK productivity following our departure from the European Union.


Throughout November and December we will engage with our stakeholders across all sectors to develop our draft Local Industrial Strategy proposals. You can find out more about our engagement plans here.


We will be negotiating with Government to finalise our proposals and expect to publish the completed Local Industrial Strategy by March 2020. 


You can view our draft Economic Profile in Related Resources.


We are very keen to engage with businesses to inform our LIS proposal developments.  Our November Big Debate will be held at the Arora Hotel Gatwick Crawley, on Monday 25 November from 10:30am to 2:00pm. This will be a facilitated discussion following on from our Local Industrial Strategy Consultation on our draft Economic Profile.




We have brought together  businesses and education providers together through our Skills 360˚ Board to create the right skills for people and business that will increase economic and social prosperity. Our Enterprise Adviser Network builds relationships between schools, colleges and local businesses to inspire and raise career aspirations among our young people and to increase their exposure to the world of work.


We are keen to work with businesses to help understand their skills challenges and help identify a pipeline of solutions to address them.





Coast to Capital Growth Hub -


The Growth Hub Team


A dedicated initial point of contact

  • An initial “triage” service to co-ordinate support provision and make referrals to relevant delivery partners.
  • Companies identified with growth potential are allocated an Accountant Manager for a review of their business support requirements to address identified barriers to growth.

Account Managers


The Account Managers engage on an ongoing basis with growth potential companies providing advice and guidance along with identifying specialist support solutions to assist businesses in overcoming barriers to growth.  (See Growth Mapper and DNASix below).


Start Up Businesses


We work closely with the National Helpline who support start-up companies and early stage businesses; as well as specialist providers the soon to be launched Hot House programme.


Growth Champions


The Account Managers draw on specialist independent advisers with sector or function specialisms, as required in order to support their growth clients.  Coast to Capital are able to fully fund a day’s specialist support from a network of Growth Champions


Our aim is to use this targeted approach to achieve high quality impact within the local economy leading to increased productivity, innovation and job creation.


We work with stakeholders, national support providers including the Department for International Trade (DIT), Innovate UK, specialist business support providers, Chambers of Commerce and other membership organisations, Growth Specialists, accountancy practices, lawyers and other key partners to engage with our target client group.



Escalator Programme


Growth potential business we will be delivering our globally recognised Escalator Programme, a peer to peer group programme developed to enable business leaders to discuss and develop practical ways of unlocking barriers to growth.



Growth Mapper Diagnostics


The Growth Hub offers a fully funded diagnostic review called GrowthMapper.  Through this structure review, an assigned Account Manager is able to work with senior teams within a business to identify key areas for businesses to address in their operations in order to realise their growth ambitions.   Following the review the Growth Hub team can even fund a day of a specialist’s time support in a key area identified.




Coast to Capital has recently introduced DNAsix® - a digital coaching programme that helps businesses survive, compete and ultimately thrive in today’s digital marketplace.  It is founded on six basic principles – strategy, culture, content, community, advertising and data – which are then used to diagnose where the challenges and opportunities lie within businesses.


Coast to Capital Growth Grant


£3.5m of funding is now available to apply for over a two year period to fund capital grant projects of between £40,000 and £170,000 up to 40% of project spend.  These grants are available to established and growing small to medium sized business, based in the Coast to Capital area


Large scale investment projects can potentially benefit from grants of up to £500,000 (subject to state aid block exemption rules) of between 10% and 20% of project spend. 


Growth Grants can be used to purchase or develop innovative assets which have a clear link to boosting productivity and ultimately growing a business.


International Trade


The Growth Hub team also works closely with the Department for International Trade (DIT).


Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)


The Coast to Capital team support foreign direct investment enquiries and opportunities in association with the Department for International Trade. The team help identify solutions and support for existing and potential overseas investors.   This support includes:

  • Identification of available properties
  • Identification of short term soft landing office accommodation
  • Introductions to potential suppliers
  • Introduction to accountants, solicitors and banks
  • Introduction to a network of over 200 business support providers
  • Introductions to sector and function specialists
  • Introductions to membership organisations and trade associations
  • Introductions to Universities and Colleges



Coast to Capital works with the Department for International Trade and other key partners to promote dedicated business support, export related workshops and trade visits. 

Coast to Capital Growth Hub Service:
FREE and impartial First Stop Shop for all your business support needs.
Call 01403 333840

further support please call the growth hub team on 01293 305965

Malcolm Brabon

Head of Services

Lou Williams

Growth Manager

Matthew Heath

Growth Grant Project Manager

Ryan Davies

Account Manager Team Leader



The Gov.UK Business Support Helpline is available on 0300 456 3565 between 9am and 6pm Monday to friday. A lot of useful information is also available on the GOV.UK website.


Please ask a member of the Growth Hub Team about getting a free 45 minutes business advice session with a Business Support Helpline adviser.

Coast to Capital

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