Do you want to boost your business’ performance, resilience, and long-term growth? Achieve optimum productivity that's sustainable in the long term?

Help to Grow: Management is the government's flagship executive development leadership and management course designed to help you to grow your business. It supports leaders and senior managers of small and medium-sized businesses from any sector through a 12-week programme designed to be taken alongside full-time work, with the cost 90% funded by Government.

The Help to Grow: Management programme is delivered by leading business schools across the UK who have been awarded the Small Business Charter (SBC) by the Chartered Association of Business Schools (CABS). The University of Brighton’s School of Business and Law gained accreditation in December 2021.



What is Help to Grow: Management?


Help to Grow: Management offers senior business leaders management and leadership training, delivered by Business Schools across the UK




The Help to Grow: Management programme is 90% funded by the government, with a one-off fee of £750 payable by the business, which will be collected by the School of Business and Law once you have been accepted onto the programme.


To be eligible, you and your business must meet the following criteria:


Your business must

  • Be a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) based in the United Kingdom
  • Employ between 5 and 249 people
  • Have been operational for at least one year
  • Not be a charity.

You must

  • Be a chief executive, owner/founder, or member of the senior management team
  • Have at least one direct report
  • Commit to completing all sessions.

Only one person per business can participate in the programme, but your entire business will benefit - from increased productivity to enhanced employee wellbeing.


What's in it for your business? 


Through this programme you will have the opportunity to develop your leadership and management skills, adopt new and improved business practices and gain the confidence and tools to implement change within your business. 


The goal is for the businesses to become more resilient and sustainable in the long term, achieve productivity and growth and strengthen your business’s future.


In addition to developing your Growth Action Plan the course will allow you the opportunity to:

  • Develop your leadership and management skills, enhancing employee wellbeing and engagement in the process.
  • Help you recognise what drives productivity and growth in your market and understand what this means for your business.
  • Learn how to advance responsible business practices, including how you create an inclusive workplace and greener workplace practices.
  • Understand how to innovate your business model, including how to adopt and invest in new and digital technologies.
  • Identify key domestic and export markets for your business and develop strategies for market segmentation, positioning and targeting.
  • Develop strategies to improve operational efficiency, saving time and money. 






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