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Beefit Snacks

A Coast to Capital Growth Hub Account Manager worked with the directors at The Chichester Biltong Company to help the company and directors, develop their leadership skills, overcome barriers to growth and help set a new direction for this fast growing business.

The support extended to The Chichester Biltong Company, has had a significant impact on the company's ability to take control of their fast growing business and improve productivity and profitability.



BEEFIT Snacks started in a shoe box, and grew until untilit has became one of the largest biltong drying chambers in the UK. Their chamber is fitted with the most sophisticated and hi-tech equipment to create the finest biltong snacks in a range of delicious flavours. 

The farm is located on the beautiful Sussex coast and it's been said that their biltong is considered the best in Europe! With prestigious awards under our belt to prove it.

They marinade the beef in the finest herbs and spices, before hanging it to dry for 4-5 days. We then slice the biltong, bag it and send to you direct from our Beefit Snacks biltong facility.

The Challenge


The Challenges

  • The cash flow needed to finance the production of new products and increasing demand.
  • The existing premises and machinery were inadequate to expand production in line with product demand.
  • The company had an unsuitable online presence; it was failing to capture critical customer data, analytics and insights.
  • The company are launching a new range of Fruit Biltong, but need the specialist knowledge to help commercialise this new product range.


The Solution and Impact


In finding the solution to their problem Beefit Snacks had been referred to join the Coast to Capital Growth Hubs newly formed ‘Escalator Programme'. Giving the directors the opportunity to learn from like-minded & ambitious Business Leaders, by attending a series of Peer to Peer workgroups. Additionally, the directors were introduced to a new bank who helped them extend their invoice finance.

Beefit Snacks next move was to develop a relationship with the Sussex Innovation Centre who assisted the company with developing their SEO capabilities, customer segmentation & digital analytics. With the help of our Growth Champion Tony Ryan, the directors received guidance to the Coast to Capital Growth Grant Programme.

The recommendation to seek invoice finance relieved cash flow pressures and enabled the company to meet growing production. Also, participating in the Escalator programme empowered the directors to understand, analyse and grow their business more effectively. In turn, the digital diagnostics has given the company the reassurance to create a new Biltong brand that is more appealing to their customers.

What’s more whilst we are waiting for the outcomes of the Sales & Marketing consultant's engagement, our Account Manager established an additional opportunity for The Chichester Biltong Company to utilise the unwanted fruit from a local farmer's orchard, in the production of their new range.

The company were awarded £135k from the Growth Grant panel. This grant assisted with the purchase of machinery for the newly acquired manufacturing premises. The company's turnover is set to exceed £2.5m by 2020, having doubled in the last two years.

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"Our initial involvement with Coast to Capital related to a grant application to assist in the funding of an additional factory for our business. We were assigned a "mentor” who worked tirelessly with us to prepare our application. This assistance resulted in us being successful in our grant application and we have now completed the construction of our new factory. It is a business changing step for us which we would not have been able to achieve without the grant from Coast to Capital. The support we received was fantastic and the follow up has been equally helpful. It is not just about the grant, it is much more and we have a number of meetings with people that Coast to Capital have put us in touch with that have helped shaped our thinking and therefore our business. We continue to have a dialogue with Coast to Capital and in all regards this has been beneficial to advancing our company."
Paul McCulloch - Founder

further support please call the growth hub team on 01293 305965

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