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Thursday 4 March 2021 @ 14:00 - 14:45


By joining this event the participant will learn about approaches which could help them effectively coach salespeople through change. The outcome is that the leader is more capable of encouraging an individual to take a more proactive attitude towards change.

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Coaching your sales team through personal change. Why is it important?: Presented by Grant Van Ulbrich, Director, Sales Transformation - International, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd


Target Audience: All APS Members
CPD Points: Two points for attending the live Webinar or one point for viewing the recording on the APS Member CPD Platform


  • 14:00 - Welcome from the APS
  • 14:05 - Coaching your sales team through personal change. Why is it important?
  • 14:35 - Q&A Session
  • 14:45 - Close

We’ve all heard about change management through our work careers. And usually whenever our organisations launch a new program, there’s an element of change management that is involved. However, recent research in my master’s program revealed a gap with existing change management approaches and that gap is the individual going through the change - themselves.


The research further shows that most of change management processes have a high propensity to fail. I didn’t want to apply an existing model for change that was developed for organisational change. I wanted to support my team at their levels where change was affecting them. Absent of a change model to help my team in the current global pandemic of all changes, I created my own model. And in this session, I’ll share it with you so you too can learn how to coach and support your team on an individual and personal basis.


Key Takeaways:

  • Change is personal – applying an organizational approach may not work for individuals
  • Focus on the individual needs – break through and support their personal change environment
  • SCARED SO WHAT is a tool that the employees can use themselves and you can use as a coaching tool.

About the Presenter: Grant Van Ulbrich


Grant leads the international sales regions of Royal Caribbean International, in continuous sales transformation and change management. He is the first member in the travel and tourism industry to attend the masters (MSc in Professional Practice Leading Sales Transformation) with Consalia, Ltd., and Middlesex University and now is a doctoral candidate. Grant is also a Fellow of the Association of Professional Sales.

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