Tuesday 26 October 2021 @ 08:30 - 10:30


Every time we use the internet, a small amount of carbon is emitted. So, if a business has a website, uses email or social it has a digital carbon footprint.
But what is a digital carbon footprint, and what can you do to reduce it? Small business owners can take straightforward actions to reduce their carbon footprint, whilst simultaneously having a positive impact on the success of their business. Whether that’s making website updates to improve SEO or clearing old data and files to benefit the environment.

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In this virtual Bite-sized Learning session you will:

  • Find out how emissions are created through online activities small business owners do every day
  • Learn about practical changes you can make to cut your digital carbon footprint
  • Discover how to optimise your website to benefit the environment, and make it more successful for your business
  • Create a simple plan to tackle more difficult changes

You’ll come away from this session with a new awareness of what’s happening behind the scenes of your computer, and an actionable plan to start reducing your business’ carbon footprint, straightaway.


Who for? Small business owners who can take action and make practical changes in their business.


Who by? Rebecca Kimber is the CEO of Create.net, a Brighton-based company that enables small business owners to design their own websites. With over 20 years’ experience, she is an expert on websites and online marketing. Rebecca is passionate about having a positive impact on the planet and has been making changes to Create.net over the last year to reduce its footprint and help small business owners have a website that's better for the environment.

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