Tuesday 28 June 2022 @ 10:00 - 12:00



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Six, two hour expert-led sessions that build to give you all the knowledge you need to get that business idea going or start-up growing.

About this event

This is a free, online intensive programme that is live and interactive. There's a Q&A opportunity at the end of each session and a chance to network with other attendees.


Watch Paul explain who this boot camp is aimed at and what participants will gain from it.


Day 1 : We'll kick off the boot camp by helping you to define the purpose of your business - primarily how your product or service will meet or solve the needs and wants of your potential customer.

You'll also develop a good Value Proposition statement which will help to communicate exactly what it is that your business does. We'll work with the Business Model Canvas which will help you to find the right business model to successfully deliver your business idea into the marketplace.


Day 2: We'll start this session by exploring who your customer is through building a customer persona and we'll look at how you can exploit market research through developing a questionnaire.

Plus we'll look at how competitor and market research can help boost and provide shortcuts to your success . We'll also show you where to look for sources of research information.


Day 3: This session will focus on helping you to create your Vision and Mission statements, to ensure that you know exactly what you want your business to achieve and why.

Plus we'll discuss the importance of Pricing and help you to understand why it's the most important aspect of the profit equation. We'll then help you to decide what pricing strategy is most effective for your business.


Day 4: Financials: sales and cash flow forecasting, fixed and variable costs plus we'll help you to calculate your breakeven and your profit and loss account.

We'll progress to helping you to understand credit control, record keeping and sources of finance - including business grant funding. We'll also ensure that you understand the legal obligations of Income Tax, National Insurance, VAT and Corporation Tax.


Day 5: This session begins with showing you the pros and cons of Limited Companies, operating on Partnership basis, or as a Sole Trader.


We'll discuss how you can protect your Intellectual Properties, such as your business name or idea. We'll cover all of the legal stuff you need to know including contracts and insurance.


Day 6: The final day of the boot camp focuses on Marketing and how to use it to promote your business. We'll then build a plan for your first 30 days in business, helping you to understand the process of selling, of building rapport with customers, to handling objections and then closing the sale.


Please note that tickets for this boot camp are restricted to U.K. residents and ticket sales will end two hours before the Day 1 start time.


You will then be sent a Zoom link and passwords to gain remote access in advance of the start-time.


If you haven't completed your participation form ahead of the Day 1 session, we will help you to do that at the end of that session.


This boot camp is free to attend because it's funded by the ERDF and HM Government.




The team are here to help. Please use the contact form, leave a voicemail message on 01293 305965 or send an email to growth.hub@coast2capital.org.uk with your name, contact details, postcode and support request.

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Business Account Manager

Ryan Davies

Business Account Manager

Taygan Paxton

Business Insight & Marketing Coordinator

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