Wednesday 10 August 2022 @ 10:00 - 16:00


Two, six-hour sessions combined to give you the knowledge and techniques to manage teams in the modern workplace

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This is a free, intensive programme that is aimed at anyone who wants to understand how to develop an effective management style and how to make evidence-based choices about managing people.


Day 1: We will kick-off the programme off by examining the difference between a Leader and a Manager and when you in your personal context might lead and then manage.


You will have the opportunity to learn about Situational Leadership and Influential contemporary Leadership theories which will help you to choose the most effective approach for your business context, workforce, and culture.


We will then explore the roles and responsibilities of a manager, managing teams that are effective and understanding team dynamics. We will examine a range of management styles and varying approaches to the management of people.


You’ll explore your style and consider how you might develop it, considering what things shape your view of the world.


Through this exercise, you will increase self-awareness and understand better the concepts of emotional intelligence and resilience.


We will end Day 1 with a discussion on the psychology of people management and the idea of a psychological contract between the organisation and employee and we’ll take some lessons from neuroscience and behavioural science which encourage us to make evidence-based choices about ways of managing people.



Day 2: Is all about Managing the Team. We’ll discuss what makes an effective team, the new ways of working as we emerge from the pandemic, the multi-generational workforce as well as diversity and inclusivity. We will progress to thinking about how a good manager can enhance the customer and employee experience to aid employee retention and attain superior levels of performance.


We will also ensure that you are aware of the key employment legislation, in particular the Equality Act, the Working Time Directive and GDPR.



We will then progress onto the skills, tools, and techniques for the day-to-day management of people including giving direction and setting goals, instructing, delegating, influencing and persuading.


The importance of clear communication, receiving feedback, decision making, and handling conflict will also be explored.


We’ll finish the programme by looking at managing individual performance and the techniques to encourage high performance such as coaching skills, constructive conversations and resolving performance issues.


You’ll take away an action plan and lots of ideas on how to implement your management style in your organisation or workplace.


Refreshments and lunch will be provided

Roffey Park Institute
Forest Road
RH12 4TB

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