The linked videos cover what businesses need to know about exports and imports, customs, commodity codes and controlled goods.

The videos cover:
• Exporting And Sending Goods Outside Of The UK
• Importing And Bringing Goods Into The UK
• The Customs Clearance Process
• Commodity Codes
• Controlled Goods

1. Exporting and sending goods outside of the UK


This video looks at:

  • how to sell products overseas
  • the decisions and processes you need to consider to export to other countries


2. Importing and bringing goods into the UK


This video looks at:

  • how to bring goods into the UK to sell or use in your business
  • the decisions and processes for importing into the UK


3. The customs clearance process


This video looks at:

  • the customs process you will need to go through if you are bringing in goods from overseas


4. Commodity codes


This video looks at:

  • how to find out the commodity code classification for your goods
  • why you need to use a commodity code


5. Controlled goods


This video looks at:

  • the types of goods that are classed as controlled
  • what to do if you import or export controlled goods
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