Accountant Directory is a recently launched website which aims to provide the public with access to professional support and all of the information they need to make smart financial choices. As well as providing a hub of industry information and news - our nationwide directory enables you to find someone whose professionalism has been verified in accordance with our policy.

About us

If you need to find an accountant, whether for personal finances or business matters, UK based Accountant Directory is an excellent place to start.


Accountant Directory is an online advertising directory listing qualified financial professionals in the UK and Northern Ireland.


What we do

Our aim here at Accountant Directory is simple: to link users instantly with the qualified professional best suited to their needs.


Our site offers many unique and useful features which set us apart from other online directories:

  1. We present a neat, simple, well designed layout for easy navigation.
  2. We only list accountants who have shown us solid proof of their qualifications and experience.
  3. We are constantly developing new ways to make the search experience faster, simpler and more effective.
  4. We provide fact-pages full of helpful and up-to-date information compiled only from reliable government and accounting body sources.
  5. We regularly report the latest news on business, financial and accounting issues from across the world.

The team

Our team has years of experience in running a number of online directories. Our websites receive hundreds of thousands of hits every month and we are proud to have already successfully connected thousands of users with qualified professionals across the UK.

Our expansion into the accounting profession is supported both by our own business experience, and also by our personal need for an effective directory that links users with financial professionals.


We have a specialist marketing team dedicated to increasing our online presence daily. This is good news for accountants who wish to advertise with us, as it ensures that their profiles are getting the publicity they need to attract potential customers.


Our web developers focus on improving and updating the site constantly by fixing any glitches and making sure all of our features are of the highest quality.


Our friendly customer service team is on call five days a week to answer any queries and ensure that our listed professionals are getting the most out of their profiles. If you wish to get in contact, click here to email us.


Our search tool

Our unique, easy-to-use search facility lets users refine their search down to the very last detail.


If, for instance, you happen to be looking for a London-based accountant who is registered with a professional body and can help you with investments, all you have to do is adjust the filters accordingly and you will be left only with what you want.


Once you have refined your search, you will be able to browse accountant's profiles and read details of qualifications, experience, fees, location and contact details.


Read more about how to navigate the site by visiting our Not sure where to start? section.


Finding an accountant on our directory is safe and simple. For more information about how accountants work and what to expect, please visit our FAQ page. For more information and fact-sheets about finances, business and accounting services, please visit accounting services.


"Money is a terrible master but an excellent servant." - P.T Barnum

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The team are here to help. Please use the contact form, leave a voicemail message on 01293 305965 or send an email to with your name, contact details, postcode and support request.

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