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The construction and built environment network that uniquely gives every construction-related business across the region free tools to trade, find suppliers, create new partnerships, advertise and access lots of other services online.

What is it?

It is a network led by Surrey County Council and supported by Moore Networking Limited. Members of the network include other public sector organisations, main contractors who work for these councils and business support organisations who offer a range of services to help you obtain the skills and qualifications you need to help you get more work.


How does it work?

At regular networking events as well as through the Build Surrey Website, we plan to provide further information on future public sector construction programmes and the criteria for the appointment of contractors, to show small businesses in the construction sector what work is available and what they need to do to win it. Our partners in the business support organisations can then work with these small businesses so that they are in a better position to bid for this work in the future.


The process is supported by a database where contractors can register free of charge to seek support to develop their businesses. BuildSurrey Clients and their main suppliers will be able to search this database for contractors with appropriate skills.


What is in it for me?

  • The chance to view and bid for work packages advertised by the BuildSurrey Main Contractors.
  • Help in obtaining necessary skills.
  • Opportunities to increase your useful business contacts.
  • Opportunities to be part of a group bidding for work.
  • Improved buying power through discounts.
  • Better understanding of future work and skills requirements to help you plan.
  • Completion of a common online Subcontractor Introductory Questionnaire which will be viewed by Main Contractors


How do I get involved?

By attending the network events to find out more about the various opportunities and the benefits of registering.

By registering on the network database via the internet. You can register from the BuildSurrey homepage.


What happens when I register?

You complete a registration form comprising contact details plus some basic information about your business.

You can request further support to help you develop your business. Any requests will be transferred electronically to the appropriate Business Support Organisation who will contact you to let you know how your request for assistance is being dealt with and which partner organisations can help.


Who sees the information I supply and what will it be used for?

You are able to view and update your own information at any time.

Other contractors will be able to see your contact details and the nature of your business only. They may wish to use this to contact you with offers of work.

Business Support organisations will be able to view your complete profile.

Build Surrey Client partners and their main contractors will be able to view your complete profile so that they can assess your suitability for the available work.

Your contact details will be used to keep you informed of the network's activities and unnamed details will be used for statistical purposes. However, your full details will not be made available to anyone else without your permission.


What do I do if I have no computer/internet connection?

You can register using someone else's computer. Most Surrey Libraries have an internet facility and it is easy to set up an email address.


Who should I contact for more information?

If you would like to know more about the Build Surrey Network or you need technical assistance with this website please contact us by email at


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