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Business Continuity Management (BCM) is a management process that helps manage the risks to the smooth running of an organisation or delivery of a service, ensuring that the business can continue in the event of a disruption.

How could an emergency situation or business disruption could impact upon you?

What if:

  • Extreme weather or a burst water main floods your office ground floor? Staff have been sent home, property, documents and equipment are damaged beyond repair. You are reliant on your insurance.
  • You lose your IT? A virus attack corrupts your databases and disrupts access to your email or website. You are reliant on backups and hard copy information.
  • Your supply chain is disrupted by any one of a number of issues, including fuel shortages, industrial action, illness impacting staff, financial difficulties or even international emergencies, such as volcano eruptions or tsunami?
  • A key member of staff resigns tomorrow?

Whether you are a small market trader, a voluntary organisation or a multinational or international company, the ability to respond quickly to disruptive incidents is vital. Having a business continuity plan could make the difference to the survival of your organisation in the long term.

Key drivers of having a plan

  • Assists in minimising impacts if disruption happens. 
  • Helps to protect reputation and to meet customer requirements. 
  • Enables return to normal operations more quickly than otherwise possible. 
  • Helps to cope with the immediate effects of an incident on employees. 
  • Improves the understanding of risks to the organisation. 
  • Ensures compliance with legal requirements. 
  • Provides a competitive advantage.

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