ExportSavvy Ltd (formerly known as Learning Impact International Ltd) specialises in working alongside business support agencies to provide innovative, high-quality digital and face-to-face business support solutions for organisations who are tasked with the development of international trade, especially through SMEs.

The company is a key supplier of services to UKTI and has worked alongside various other agencies to help them to cost effectively identify, motivate and engage both new and experienced exporters and helping those exporters to recognise opportunity, maximise potential and minimise risk.


Following brief exploratory meetings we have been able to create and deliver tailored solutions to meet the needs of individual organisations whilst considering variations in audience, region and specific output requirements such as capturing and managing client data or private sector engagement. We often work under the brand of our business support clients e.g. UKTI, Healthcare UK, ERDF, ESF, RIBA, Santander Bank, Export Cornwall.


Our solutions include

  • Digital online, face to face and blended support for SME exporters.
  • Digital online, face to face and blended support for business advisors.
  • Recruitment and motivational events and event contribution.
  • Individual skills and strategy development workshops.
  • Full international trade development programmes.

We have extensive experience of working with four of the key stakeholder groups who develop international trade for the UK.


1. Businesses Owners / Managers:

ExportSavvy Ltd has engaged with over 13,000 Small Medium Sized Enterprise (SME) exporters in an interactive face to face environment as well as with a range of Medium Sized Businesses (MSB's) who sell overseas. Our Directors and Facilitators are all seasoned exporters who have run SME's and MSB's that trade overseas. The team has hands on SME and MSB experience of delivering products, services and software across a wide international geography through a variety of channels.


2. Publicly Funded Business Support Services: -

The ExportSavvy team have experience of working in all of the individual regions of the UK. We have developed and delivered digital initiatives, events, face-to-face workshops and full programmes for UKTI in all of the 9 English regions and the devolved administrations in Scotland and Northern Ireland. This includes delivering the flagship Passport To Export workshop in 7 of the 9 English regions. We have worked alongside various teams developing and delivering a number of other EU funded and UK Government funded initiatives.


Considering a national perspective We are currently working alongside the Cabinet Office's 'Exporting is Great' team, UK Export Finance, Healthcare UK ( part of the NHS), the IPO and various other publicly funded organisations that provide export support on a national scale as part of their service.


3. Private Sector Business Support Services: -

The ExportSavvy team have delivered (and continue to deliver) a range of services to private sector business support organisations - both to help them to develop their own staff and to help them to add value to their client offering. We have also worked with a number of organisations to harness their expertise when delivering certain types of support. This sector includes Banks, Accountants, Solicitors, FX Companies, Language Companies, Logistics Services, Insurance Brokers, IT service providers, Travel and Accommodation Providers and Cultural Advisors.


4. Academia: 

We have developed a number of projects historically that provide a link between academia, business and business support services - harnessing potential and delivering value for all parties involved. We are currently working with a University in the West Midlands developing a programme that is specifically focused on delivering international trade outputs.


Working with each of these groups gives us a uniquely holistic view of the international trade support marketplace, It not only provides us with an insight into the challenges that each type of group faces, but also a strong understanding of how each of these groups are positioned and can interact with each other to create an integrated local strategy.

The team are here to help. Please use the contact form, leave a voicemail message on 01293 305965 or send an email to growth.hub@coast2capital.org.uk with your name, contact details, postcode and support request.

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