The Innovate2Succeed programme is designed to stimulate innovation, improve competitiveness and reduce the risks of and improve the efficiency of launching a new product or service.

For ambitious companies who want to unlock their innovation management potential.

Up to 7 days of fully funded, one-to-one, tailored support we will help you:

  • plan innovation and commercialisation activity
  • develop and implement practical innovation management processes
  • connect to high-quality specialist advice, support and facilities
  • create a culture of sustainable innovation
  • become investment-ready and secure funding or finance


An innovation specialist will work with your management team

We will help you address important areas of innovation management:

  • how your business exploits and protects its intellectual property
  • how to develop your people - skills and learning needs for leadership, business development and growth through innovation
  • how to access private and institutional finance, including a review of alternative forms of finance and applying for RD&I funding
  • your competitive environment and market opportunities, including improving engagement in key sectors and developing plans to enter new markets
  • access to specific services and programmes, including market research, design and prototyping, systems and processes, ICT support, internationalisation, harnessing digital technology, quality management
  • collaboration and strategic partnerships - what should you consider?


How we help you manage your innovation

Step 1 - assess and analyse

We use our on-line innovation and growth diagnostic tool to identify with you the innovation strengths and gaps in the business. This provides the basis of an action plan for improved innovation management and also sets a benchmark for you to assess your progress and the impact of the Innovate2Succeed programme (typically 0.5 days).


Step 2 - develop

Our specialists help you to lay the foundations for innovation leadership and culture and to develop an action plan to address barriers to successful innovation management within your business. This includes: how to capture and exploit ideas; innovation management techniques, systems and processes; identifying any expert support, enablers and facilities that might be needed (typically 1.5 days).


Step 3 - implement

Our innovation specialist helps you implement the action plan through a series of modules tailored to your business needs. These modules will typically involve other expert advisers in areas such as, IP, marketing, access to finance and people development. Also, we will broker specialist support and connections through the extensive Enterprise Europe Network and Innovate UK family of services, as well as through the wider innovation ecosystem (typically 4.5 days).


Step 4 - assess and connect

We use the online diagnostic again to conduct a review with you and your management team, assessing the improvement in your innovation management capacity. At this workshop we agree next steps and any access to other support and connections you may need for your growth journey (typically 0.5 days).

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