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Choose from six modules of strategic support designed to help you monetise your innovation


If you are at the 'idea' stage: Pitch Canvas


Build a compelling story about your new product or service idea.

  • What problems are you solving for customers?
  • What’s unique about your product?
  • Why are you different to the competition?
  • How does your idea actually work?
  • Why should someone invest in you?

The Pitch Canvas is an entrepreneurial brainstorming tool that helps you structure and visualise your pitch on one page. It was created by David Beckett using all the crucial elements of an investment-winning startup pitch.



  • An initial briefing meeting with our advisor
  • A facilitated, one-to-one Pitch Canvas workshop
  • Write-up and delivery of your one-page Pitch Canvas
  • 'So what' follow-up session to identify where further insight, research or understanding is needed

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If you have ambitious growth plans: What's Your Insight?


Reach a founding insight that will make your product or service more likely to gain traction, grow quickly and attract investment.

  • What is your founding insight?
  • How is it different to everyone else's?
  • How can you express it in a compelling way?

Fact: people tend to feed their pets twice a day. Observation: they tend to feed them at breakfast and dinner time. Insight: people feel guilty eating in front of their pets.

Companies with compelling founding insights find it easier to attract investment, build great marketing campaigns and find first customers. Insight is important because understanding what drives change and motivates behaviour is the secret to launching a successful product or service. In this module you'll work with our Insight team to deepen your understanding of how the problems you seek to solve are functioning in the real world.


  • An initial half-hour one-to-one consultation with our senior team
  • A facilitated, one-to-one Insight Canvas workshop
  • A bespoke write-up of your personal Insight Canvas
  • A research paper exploring your insight, which can be used to understand the opportunities around your product or service

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If you need to understand the choices available to your customers: Competitor Analysis


Learn all about where the opportunities lie in your market.

  • How does the competition package and price their offer?
  • Who are they targeting?
  • How do they position and market their offering?
  • How much money have they raised?
  • Who do they have in their core team?

All products and services have competition - the first competitor for shoes was feet. Customers are already solving the problem for themselves, even if the way they solve it can be hugely improved, automated, made more efficient or reduced in price.

Our research team use leading resources like Frost & Sullivan reports to help you understand what your customers currently do, and why.


  • An initial 1-hour consultation with our Insight team
  • A competitor analysis report for your sector
  • A 2-hour one-to-one follow-up consultation with our senior team to agree what this means for your company

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If you need a deep dive into what your customer really wants from your product: Consumer Survey


Conduct and analyse unbiased research of your data set.

  • How much do your customers want your product?
  • What problems could it solve?
  • What needs could it address?
  • Which problems and needs are so pronounced that they'll pay for a solution?

For many smaller businesses, customer research feels expensive and out of reach. That's why we've developed our unique 'live lab' approach to rigorous, accurate, insightful research which is accessible even to start-ups. You must have your own source of data to access this product.

Accurate consumer understanding will help you reach out to your existing customer base and prospects to get deeper insight into what drives their need for products or services in your sector. Gain a unique competitive advantage by leveraging your new understanding in your business and communications campaigns.


  • An initial 1-hour consultation with our Insight team
  • Creation of a bespoke survey and recruitment from your data source
  • A bespoke results report to pick out key insights from the responses
  • A 1-hour one-to-one follow-up consultation with our senior team to agree what this means for your company

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If you need to review your strategy: So What SWOT


A tried and tested method of assessing your company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of your internal operations?
  • What are the threats and opportunities from your external market?
  • How might your business be affected by social, environmental and economic change?
  • What do the answers mean for your strategy?

Our SWOT analysis goes a little further than the typical assessment, and asks 'so what?'. What should your business actually do about the insights we have found?

Fine tune your existing approach and organisational priorities, reduce your chances of failure, understand what you're missing, and eliminate hazards that might otherwise catch you unawares. Move forward and create a more effective strategy that distinguishes you from competitors and helps you compete more successfully.


  • A 1-hour consultation with our Insight team
  • A 1-hour 'midway' call to check in with you
  • A bespoke SWOT analysis report
  • A 1-hour one-to-one follow-up consultation with our senior team to agree what this means for your company

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If you need to start making things happen: Launch Roadmap


Identify the most crucial steps to launching your product and a plan of action to get there.

  • What can't you go to market without?
  • How will you reach your early adopters?
  • What people and resources do you need?
  • What needs to happen, and when?

For some companies, testing an idea with an MVP is a cost-effective first step. For others, a working financial model is essential before anything can happen. Many early-stage ideas need seed investment in order to move forward. Our roadmap to launch helps you to understand the actionable steps specific to getting your idea off the ground.


  • A two-hour consultation with our Innovation Advisors to plan your roadmap.
  • Identifying potential partners and introductions from our network who can help you succeed.
  • One-to-one advice on how best to raise investment or funding.

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