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Surrey Chambers of Commerce provides a wide range of export documention services.

Members receive 50% discount on all documentation



A counter, postal and electronic service for fast processing of Export Documentation.

Certification of the following documents - European Certificates of Origin, Arab-British Certificate of Origin, EUR1 & ATR Customs Movement Certificates, Commercial Invoices, Agreements and other Commercial documents.


Posted documents are returned by post the same day. The exception being Arab or Egyptian documents which need to be sent to the appropriate Chamber and/or Embassy. It can take up to 2 weeks to process.


To learn more and discuss your individual requirements please contact Surrey Chambers of Commerce's International Trade Team on 01483 735540.




Documents can be completed online through EZCert - The average turnaround for a document to be completed by Surrey Chambers of Commerce's highly trained team after online submission is 2 hours




Trade Tariff service helps you classify your goods in accordance with HMRC regulations -


International Commercial Terms (Incoterms) - These describe the tasks, risks and responsibilities involved in the delivery of goods from sellers to buyers. For more information visit the International Chambers of Commerce website for more.


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01483 735540

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