Peer to Peer Programme


Join like-minded business leaders in solving shared challenges and identifying new opportunities with our free Peer Network Programme

There’s never been a more important time to invest in the future of your business and working with like-minded people to share best practice and overcome business challenges has delivered success for thousands of businesses in England.

Our Peer Network Programme offers the opportunity to grow your business through a series of collaborative, confidential and inclusive workshops in small groups of other business leaders.  Led by an experienced facilitator, your group will meet regularly over a 12 month period.

Through the Peer Programme you will:

  • Build a trusted network of contacts to support you now and in the future
  • Develop your Leadership skills as a business owner
  • Be inspired by how other people are growing their businesses
  • Have the opportunity to discuss your business challenges; recognise and act on new opportunities
  • Help your business develop, thrive and grow.

How does it work?

Our professional facilitator will support you and your small cohort as you work together on tangible solutions to your individual or shared challenges.

Non-competitive: Peer Networks brings together business leaders working collaboratively to find solutions to common problems, you can share your expertise and benefit from others.

Am I eligible?

The Peer Network is open to any small and micro size business located in the Runnymede Borough Council area.

There are some eligibility criteria that our Growth Hub will discuss with you following you submitting the Enquiry Form.  This is to ensure that the peer group meets your requirements and that you will join like-minded peers with similar challenges and opportunities to get the most from the programme.

What does it cost?

There is no cost to your business. The Runnymede Peer Network programme is free of charge, you just need to invest your time.

Peer to peer network programme: Sustainable growth

Location:  Royal Holloway University, Egham

Session 1, 13th December 11am to 1pm  : What’s Your ambition

  • Vision, Mission and Purpose
  • Strategic Planning:  What does success look like?
  • Net Zero strategy
  • What’s Innovation mean to you?

Session 2, 23rd January 2024,  2 to 4pm:   Leadership and people

  • Employee engagement and leading change
  • Building a high performance workplace
  • Retaining and recruiting staff:  Tips and insights

Session 3, 27th March 2024, 11am to 1pm  :  What’s an efficient sales and marketing engine look like?

  • Let’s talk value proposition
  • Customer engagement: Exploit, Expand and Explore
  • Expanding markets
  • Building recognition and trust

Royal Holloway Workshop, 27th February 2024

  • Theme to be confirmed!

Throughout the sessions the facilitator and group have the opportunity to share any information on any grants or funding to further support any actions that come out of the discussions and share best practice/tips and insights.

How do I apply?

Complete the enquiry form below and someone from our team will be in touch.